Weird night music

Weird night musicWhat does it meanDisconnected distractedDreaming without a dreamPiano landscapeFloating down radio wavesUnanchored, unmooredSounds across timeSomber and seriousWeirdly veiledMystery beyond the ParnassusWhy nowIs it a poemWhat is a poemWhat is lifeResolve into inherentWhat do I wantWhat do I needDescending spiralsSilence Then… … EbullientHope shimmeringYou can’t take hopeIt’s not yours to giveYou are a part […]

May 10 – An example journal entry

Friday. Nothing going on at work, so I had breakfast in bed, read Gotham, read Yalom. Tried to schedule my laser pointer shoot, but this is proving difficult. Must return to it. Later, I generally figured out what I would talk about at tonight’s stand-up comedy open mic, and wrote the topics into my iPhone’s […]

Walking on plein air (A view of San Jacinto)

I went out to La Quinta this past weekend to visit my grandma. That Sunday morning, I did my first painting en plein air. It was incredibly relaxing and peaceful. I’ve always loved this mountain view of San Jacinto, which is just walking distance from her house. The painting process took about took two and […]

If perhaps in some distant world revealed

If perhaps in some distant world revealedYour beauty old and lovely lately laughsSmiling eyes and distant hearts renewed inEarnest spring awakened eyes in flowers I want to tell you everything, a roseIs somewhere deep within the sound of sleepWhere dreams can lithely liven feelings faintAnd unfasten ever my darling’s smile Rosy wastrel, come and ride […]