Andras Ostrom is a filmmaker. He first discovered a love of movies through his dad, who introduced him to Star Wars and Indiana Jones. On the playground, he would usually play the villain: Darth Vader, or the Emperor. Later on, he and his friends hijacked their parent’s miniDV camcorders to make outrageous movie parodies, scary stories and adventures tales, once even enlisting the family cats for a star-turn. (Who ever said not to work with children or animals…)

At the dawn of the Netflix-by-mail era, Andras’ appreciation for movies deepened when he was introduced to classics such as Citizen Kane, 2001: A Space Odyssey and the work of the Marx Brothers. When he chanced upon a little silver book listing the all-time great flicks, he had to see them all. The Godfather? 12 Angry Men? Pulp Fiction? It became a hobby, then an obsession. Too young to be allowed to see rated R movies, he bought every Tarantino movie at the local Blockbuster to watch in secret. The blazing originality he witnessed had him in a daze for weeks.

Andras grew to love the whole movie-going experience: the smell of the popcorn; hearing the people cheer during the original Lord of the Rings trilogy; the palpable tenseness in The Dark Knight, whenever the Joker appeared on screen. If he could be a part of it, somehow, to give people that chills-down-the-spine feeling, that would be the job for him. That’s why he decided to become a filmmaker.