The Warrior

My latest painting from Chris Soohoo’s Sun Space painting workshops. Learning so much!

Chris helped me with shapes and proportions. Think of the head as an oval, but you can use straight lines. Make the top of the head a straight, diagonal, angled line, to represent the tilt of the head.

Think of everything, even the facial features (eyes, nose, mouth) as simple shapes; squint and look at the shadows areas. Fill in the shadows. Fill in the eye holes as hollow shadows. Don’t make the whites of the eyes too white.

We used a dark green as a black base, mixed in a bit of crimson for the browns, mixed in a bit of dark blues for the background. Skin tones were burnt sienna and white, mixed with a bit of rose to warm it up, or dark or light blue to cool it down. Mix in a bit of Indian Yellow too, if needed.

I didn’t stress so much this time; even when I thought things weren’t going well, I just decided to have fun with it.

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