Two Poems

incident in the forest

down a singingly snowy trail
almost lost
too straight for my taste
hands bitten by frost

into a clearing revealed
the bird sanctuary
tonic harmony
forgotten familiarity
time despised into nothingness

little birds flitting tiny wings
land with tinsel feet
on hat and hand and fingertip
with gentle grip
they flap and buzz
and whir past your ear
and take a seed
without any fear

and then a friend
a dearest deer, not shy but sweet
takes bold steps
with hoofed feet
and mildest eyes

like the family cat
comes in for the pet
a pat on the back
a scratch on the neck
and licked my hand

through soft snowy silvery silence found
a garden of eden
where peace resounds

When you touched my arm

When you touched my arm
Butterfly wings
Gentle rain (in tree leaves)
Dewy drops (in spider web strings)
Hummingbird hums not but sings
A violin sonata
All these things enveloped me
In mist
When you zinged my heart
(without knowing it)

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