Walking on plein air (A view of San Jacinto)

I went out to La Quinta this past weekend to visit my grandma. That Sunday morning, I did my first painting en plein air. It was incredibly relaxing and peaceful. I’ve always loved this mountain view of San Jacinto, which is just walking distance from her house. The painting process took about took two and a half hours. Here is the result.

When I’ve showed my paintings to a few people, some have expressed thoughts like, ‘I could never do that’, or, ‘aren’t you nervous’. I just tell them that it’s actually relaxing; that you have to let yourself go and just go for it. Just paint what you see. Paint it with wild abandon. Attack the canvas and make it cower, as Winston Churchill would say.

Also, the painting process teaches you to really see. You come to appreciate the view, nature, and peace, both inner and outer, as it frees you from all thoughts and anxieties not related to that scene. That tree, that mountain, or those bushes and grasses. As you go on your painting journey, all you think about is color, form, stroke.

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