Weird night music

Weird night music
What does it mean
Disconnected distracted
Dreaming without a dream
Piano landscape
Floating down radio waves
Unanchored, unmoored
Sounds across time
Somber and serious
Weirdly veiled
Mystery beyond the Parnassus
Why now
Is it a poem
What is a poem
What is life
Resolve into inherent
What do I want
What do I need
Descending spirals


Hope shimmering
You can’t take hope
It’s not yours to give
You are a part of me
Where is the harmony
Resolve into me
Confidence, confide
Blessed brilliance
Goodbyes are hard
Kindness lingers
Where is the soul
I can feel it
Pure goodness
Love me
Love you
How long?
Free and simple
Can I be a baby again
But when?
Where are you? What are you doing?
How are you really?
I want to connect
I can’t connect
You are unknowable
Beyond what you make known
Talk to me
How long?
Memories linger in music
Dissolve into daydreams
A likeness found, then lost
I am not the same
You are not the same
I am brave
You are daring
You lift me up
Atoms in a wave

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